My Obsession With Stripes

At the last count, I think I own about six or seven striped tops and dresses. Stripes have become my go-to pattern and I can always spot enough variation to justify the purchase of a new piece. The newest one is from J. Crew and incredibly soft and warm.  So far, I have worn it with a blazer for work, with jeans on the weekend, and most recently with a skirt for family photos (A approves!). Continue reading “My Obsession With Stripes”

How To Wear Color

SEE LARK! | How To Wear Color

If you are anything like me, you find comfort in neutral colors. Gray, black, white, and brown will never treat you badly. However, it can be fun to wear color every now and then. Here are some ways to incorporate color into your wardrobe. Continue reading “How To Wear Color”

Oh Alex

SEE LARK! | Oh Alex

T-shirt dresses are  becoming an essential component to my wardrobe and nobody makes them like Alexander Wang. I have become obsessed with the T by Alexander Wang line for its softness and tailoring and thanks to sources like The Outnet, one can grab a few pieces on discount. When it’s hot outside and you are too zoinked to think about dressing yourself, I highly recommend throwing on a T-shirt dress and a pair of mirrored aviators.  It provides instant style and no one will be the wiser. Continue reading “Oh Alex”


SEE LARK! | Pintucked

The baby bump is in full force now so getting dressed is becoming more strategy than effortless ease.  Fortunately, dress silhouettes these days (and the hot summers) are helping me out. Most summer dresses are flowy and in forgiving shapes. I really liked this cotton dress from Madewell (this is an extra small if you can believe it).

Continue reading “Pintucked”

The Elements of Edge

SEE LARK! | The Elements of Edge

Despite the range of styles and variety that I try to incorporate into my wardrobe, I notice that I tend to gravitate to certain pieces over and over again. Lately, this has been my distressed boyfriend jeans and a leather jacket (any color). In doing so, I realized your go-to pieces can say a lot about one’s personal style. Continue reading “The Elements of Edge”

Denim On Denim


I am finally warming up to the denim on denim trend.  The key to this look is making sure your varying denim pieces have enough contrast.  Here, I try a light denim top with my trusty “everyday” jeans which have a darker wash.  These basics create a canvas for a variety of colors which can be layered on through necklaces and other accessories. Continue reading “Denim On Denim”

A Pant for All Seasons

city-1, banana republic, slouchy pants

Wouldn’t you know that after my public proclamation for favoring skirts and dresses that I get into a pants-wearing mood?! Truth be told, I do tend to go for jeans or trousers when I am not at work, anything that allows me to sit cross legged and provides comfort.   On a recent road trip with my hubby, I wore a pair of slouchy pants by Banana Republic.   Continue reading “A Pant for All Seasons”


lbd, leather jacket

I must admit, I play favorites. I have a favorite lipstick, food, nephew (okay I only have one nephew)…even a favorite spot in my home.  In the city where space is a commodity, I live tall in a three-story house where the stairway between the second and third floor takes first prize.   Continue reading “Favorites”



My weekend outfit usually consists of a silk shirt and jeans.  It’s a functional combination that doesn’t require much thought and, when the mood strikes you, can be a great foundation for a “fancier” look.  Think satin shoes, structured tote, and a floppy fedora. Continue reading “Ladylike”

Birthday Suit


Turning one year older used to be an exciting event, but now that I am closer to 40 than I am 30 (writing that kind of makes me cringe), I am no hurry to round up any numbers. Mid-30s isn’t old (nor is 40), it’s just the realization of how much life has occurred already – graduations, wedding, new jobs, moves, the list goes on – that has me reflecting on age.   Continue reading “Birthday Suit”