Easy DIY: Repurposed Necklaces

SEE LARK! | Easy DIY: Repurposed Necklaces

With access to many affordable options, jewelry can easily pile up and become quickly forgotten.  I found a set of layered faux pearls in my closet that I wanted to put back into rotation but with a twist. I decided to pair it with another favorite, yet seldom worn, Pac-Man necklace that I received as a gift from my husband when we were dating. Together, I repurposed two necklaces to create one new edgy, yet feminine statement piece.  Here’s how. Continue reading “Easy DIY: Repurposed Necklaces”

Hey Mr. DJ

My husband and I love watching live music, but as we have gotten busier with work and everday life, it’s been hard to make it out for a performance.  A couple of weeks ago, we had a rare late Wednesday night outing to see the performance of Tiger and Woods.  We absolutely love this low-key DJ duo.  Our favorite song, Gin Nation, was the last track played at our wedding so it was a huge treat to see them DJ a great set which of course also ended with Gin Nation! Continue reading “Hey Mr. DJ”