Eye On Etsy


[ 1. Fox Wrapping Paper / 2. Leopard Clutch / 3. Ikat Eye Pillow / 4. Heart Notebook / 5. Fern Clutch / 6. Galaxy Jersey Dress / 7. Bull Art Print / 8. Mini Slub Short / 9. F. Schumacher Pillow ]

My most recent perusing of Etsy revealed that I had prints and patterns on the brain. Continue reading “Eye On Etsy”

Easy DIY: Make Your Own Pattern


I have decided that I am grown-up enough to own and use cloth napkins.  With this in mind and inspired by linens with neon piping spotted at ABC Home (which were priced at $35 per napkin…PER napkin), I went on an endless search for hot pink patterned table linens.  Unfortunately, the only patterns I discovered were all a little too “themey”, lots of Christmas trees and turkey prints…add a cat sweater and you’ve hit the trifecta.

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Gone Fishing


Is there anything more effortless than a shift dress? The answer is yes, a drop waist shift dress! I found this one by Aijek via Gilt and instantly fell in love with the fishermen print and soft blue color. Continue reading “Gone Fishing”

Wrap It Up


I used to think wrap dresses were not made for someone like me with a small bust. I always had a coverage problem up top, too much fabric and accidental flashing situations so away they went back to the store. I have come to learn that not all wrap dresses are created equal and the DVF original is where I should have started. Continue reading “Wrap It Up”



My future is so bright, I gotta wear…butterfly print shorts. On any day, I am perfectly happy wearing a plain pair of jeans and a white t-shirt and it feels like a classic, but plain shorts don’t give me the same vibe. Therefore, I like to amp up my summer shorts with an interesting print (as evidenced here and here). Continue reading “Butterflies”

Boyfriend Shorts


My shorts wardrobe has been in full swing since Memorial Day weekend. Recently, I found myself in a Goldilocks moment. One pair is too short, the other too long…but these boyfriend shorts were just right. Continue reading “Boyfriend Shorts”



My outfit isn’t hipster, but the dog on my tee is one. His cool charisma, black rimmed glasses, which he wears for the looks not function, and scarf says “Yes, I drink beer but only local microbrews…and can you point me to the nearest thrift store?” This cute little guy was hard to resist and given that it was made by a local DC artist, I snatched him up. Is this life imitating art? Continue reading “Hipster”