Tulip Dress

SEE LARK! | Tulip Dress

I have discovered the perfect dress and it comes in the form of Hatch’s tulip dress.  It tapers out and then back in at the hem, creating a draped/blousey effect that would look great on any figure.  I used to have this mental block about wearing anything “maternity”, I mean why would I *seek* out maternity wear if I wasn’t expecting?  I think it was even a commandment on What Not To Wear, “Thou shalt not wear pregnancy clothing when not pregnant”.   Continue reading “Tulip Dress”


SEE LARK! | Ombre

I find that dressing in the Summer is much easier than any other season.  When else are we allowed to wear just bolts of amorphous fabric? There are a lot of flowy dresses out there but not all are created equal. To keep from looking like a potato sack, find dresses with some pattern and interesting detail. Continue reading “Ombre”

A Little Boho

SEE LARK! | A Little Boho

Bohemian is definitely one word that would not describe my everyday style. With that said, it can be easy to ignore an entire style genre and miss out on something great.  So I went out of my comfort zone and took a chance on these slouchy harem pants with an abstract print and tassels. Continue reading “A Little Boho”


SEE LARK! | Waiting

These days, it seems almost impossible to go out to dinner without making reservations far in advance.  That’s why I appreciate restaurants who leave room for walk-ins so that we can be a little spontaneous from time to time.  Hubby and I went to Red Hen, one of favorite DC restaurants, for a TGIF celebration. Continue reading “Waiting”

Rule of Three: The Camo Pant


Camo is on trend right now, but if you ask me, it never went out of style.  Like its friend the leopard print, camo should be considered a neutral that can be worn with almost anything.  If you are feeling timid about wearing this much pattern, try a low cost version first, like this pair I scored from Target (can you believe it?).  Still not convinced?  Apply the rule of three to see how to get mileage out of those $25 pair of pants! Continue reading “Rule of Three: The Camo Pant”

Oxblood Rules


I once had a woman at work stop and take a double-take at what I was wearing. She had never seen me wear pants to the office.  Yes, it’s true…dresses and skirts are my weapon of choice mainly because I have trouble finding pants that fit well (the ‘saggy’ bottom look is unforgivable!).   Continue reading “Oxblood Rules”

Red and Olive Makes Awesome


Red and olive green are two colors I would have never thought to put together.  But thanks to the wonder that is Pinterest, I get inspired daily.  Case in point, I see the said color combination from Karen Walker’s runway and loved the unusual pairing.   Continue reading “Red and Olive Makes Awesome”

In Brogue


I am jumping for joy as I have discovered the most comfortable pair of brogues.  This menswear shoe has been showing up all over the place, and I love Cole Haan’s take with a bright yellow sole and laces to match.  The sole has Nike Air cushioning which makes them like sneakers.  They go great with jeans or can give some edge to a feminine dress.  Aren’t you as excited as I am?! Continue reading “In Brogue”



My outfit isn’t hipster, but the dog on my tee is one. His cool charisma, black rimmed glasses, which he wears for the looks not function, and scarf says “Yes, I drink beer but only local microbrews…and can you point me to the nearest thrift store?” This cute little guy was hard to resist and given that it was made by a local DC artist, I snatched him up. Is this life imitating art? Continue reading “Hipster”

Red Peplum Skirt


I’m wild about peplum and it started with this red skirt.  Peplum can flatter many figures, particularly a boyish one where it can add curves or accentuates an hour-glass figure by hugging in the waist. Continue reading “Red Peplum Skirt”