Accentuate The Positive

SEE LARK! | Accentuate The Positive

As I near my ninth month of pregnancy (who are we kidding, it’s really 10 months), I have learned to embrace the baby bump.  It was cute and manageable in the second trimester, but lately I have been feeling large and in charge. My first inclination is to hide in large swaths of fabric.  Then realize I should cherish this time and accentuate my “asset”.  Thank goodness for a basic black tank dress, it’s form-fitting in a slimming color and adding a jacket helps balance out the mid-section. Continue reading “Accentuate The Positive”

Starry Eyed

SEE LARK! | Starry Eyed

As I forge on in my second trimester of pregnancy, I have discovered that shift dresses are becoming my new best friends since they are the only non-maternity style that still fits!  Tibi makes some of my favorite dresses (as evidenced here) because the brand encompasses the three S’s – sleek, simple, and silk.  I wore this lovely star patterned dress with a pair cuffed Sole Society wedges that remind me of the Iro pair that I had lusted over about a year ago. I received some major compliments on my look-a-likes, surprisingly from both women and men! Continue reading “Starry Eyed”

High Low Cat Eye Sunglasses

SEE LARK! | High Low Cat Eye Sunglasses

Over the winter, I had been searching for months for the perfect pair of cat eye sunglasses. When I discovered the Super Lucia, I combed through all the different varieties to find just the right pair. Continue reading “High Low Cat Eye Sunglasses”

Shiny Sparkly


I am sucker for anything shiny and sparkly.  Whenever I shop (which is almost all the time), I always seem to find that $300 pair of sequin shorts or crystal-encrusted cocktail dress.  Sadly, I have to apply my “practical” filter and refrain from buying since most of these items are too fancy for me to wear enough to justify the price tag, even with a Rule of Three. Continue reading “Shiny Sparkly”

A Pant for All Seasons

city-1, banana republic, slouchy pants

Wouldn’t you know that after my public proclamation for favoring skirts and dresses that I get into a pants-wearing mood?! Truth be told, I do tend to go for jeans or trousers when I am not at work, anything that allows me to sit cross legged and provides comfort.   On a recent road trip with my hubby, I wore a pair of slouchy pants by Banana Republic.   Continue reading “A Pant for All Seasons”

Layered In The Lower East


While in New York, I had the bright idea to go to the Lower East side to get a bite of those tasty pancakes from Clinton Street Bakery.  This place is tiny, always packed, and on a first come, first serve basis.   Continue reading “Layered In The Lower East”

Catalina Wine Mixer


I love sparkles and I especially love sparkles when they come already affixed to a cocktail dress. With a garb like this, there isn’t need for any other embellishments. Continue reading “Catalina Wine Mixer”

High Low Ankle Bootie


Fall means saying goodbye to sandals and “Hello boots!” Oh, how I love boot season and the range of styles offered each year! My current obsession is the ankle bootie, specifically ones with a substantial heel and a “chunkier” form.  When worn with a dress or skirt, the proportion of the ankle bootie to the legs makes your limbs look leaner. How awesome is that?! Continue reading “High Low Ankle Bootie”