High Low Simple Chic Outfit

SEE LARK! | Simple Chic Outfit

There is something appealing about a loose-fitting caftan dress. With the right draping, it’s easy, flattering, and quite honestly forgiving. I love the look of white in the Fall and Winter and this Zero + Maria Cornejo dress is one of my favorites with a pointed hemline and crepe fabric. Riller & Fount’s Sebastian dress is a very close look-a-like made of micro modal and spandex (along with a lighter price tag).   Continue reading “High Low Simple Chic Outfit”

Easy DIY: Repurposed Necklaces

SEE LARK! | Easy DIY: Repurposed Necklaces

With access to many affordable options, jewelry can easily pile up and become quickly forgotten.  I found a set of layered faux pearls in my closet that I wanted to put back into rotation but with a twist. I decided to pair it with another favorite, yet seldom worn, Pac-Man necklace that I received as a gift from my husband when we were dating. Together, I repurposed two necklaces to create one new edgy, yet feminine statement piece.  Here’s how. Continue reading “Easy DIY: Repurposed Necklaces”

Easy DIY: Color Splattered Necklace


I love Tom Binns for his statement necklaces, particularly ones with a mix of sparkle, metal, and pearls. However, it wasn’t until over the holidays that I discovered his hand painted and splatter painted chandelier necklace designs.  Perhaps it’s because I am sick of seeing cloudy cold days, but the colors and overall “chaos” in which they are applied really caught my eye. Seeing that I wasn’t ready to spend $700-$100+ on a necklace, I spent a snowy weekend DIY-ing.

Continue reading “Easy DIY: Color Splattered Necklace”

Easy DIY: Matte Black Necklace


Jewelry trends come and go; therefore, I get a little cagey about spending too much on the latest shiny sparkly.  Thanks to places like Bauble Bar, of-the-moment pieces are affordable and dare I say, reinventable?  Is that even a word?!  Lately, I have taken a liking to all-black jewelry.  Uncertain with how I often I would wear this look, I decided to DIY by experimenting on an existing necklace. Continue reading “Easy DIY: Matte Black Necklace”

Same But Different: Necklaces


Does anyone else get chills when they see that J. Crew “Extra 30% off sale items” or “Take 25% off new arrivals” email in their inbox?! Well, I do and while I try to refrain from clicking on the link, I inevitably give in and peruse the latest sales, new arrivals, and everything in between. Continue reading “Same But Different: Necklaces”

Bling It On

As you have seen in previous posts (here and here), I love all things that sparkle (aka “bling”). I have gradually gotten bolder and incorporated more bling into my wardrobe through sequins, large statement jewelry, and accessories. Here are my favorite sparkly things for the Fall and Winter. Continue reading “Bling It On”