Morocco Meets LA

SEE LARK! | Morocco Meets LA

On the weekends, I reach for a t-shirt and jeans. I love wearing basics but sometimes basics can get a little blah. When in a rut, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Continue reading “Morocco Meets LA”


SEE LARK! | Vroom Vroom

I’ve got a need for speed.  Well…at least speed as expressed through my clothing. I have a soft spot for soft silk shirts, specifically those made by Equipment. Not only are they high quality but its quirky designs, like these little motorcycles, makes it that much more fun to wear. Naturally, motorcycles call for a leather skirt to match and I was more than happy to oblige. Continue reading “Vroom-Vroom”


SEE LARK! | Trifecta

There has been denim on denim, all-black, and other looks that intensify one style element.  Therefore, it seemed only natural to me to try out a triple leopard look. The key to pulling off a trifecta of leopard print is to match the bold with subtle. This sweater from Banana Republic is my bold piece, I just love the mix of leopard spots with stripes. Continue reading “Trifecta”

The Return Of The Statement Pant

SEE LARK! | The Return of the Statement Pant | Floral Pant

I am excited to see florals making a comeback this Spring. Fortunately, I have a stockpile of floral prints from last year that I am able to recycle and reinvent. One of my favorite pieces is this slouchy pant from Zara. Continue reading “The Return Of The Statement Pant”


SEE LARK! | Waiting

These days, it seems almost impossible to go out to dinner without making reservations far in advance.  That’s why I appreciate restaurants who leave room for walk-ins so that we can be a little spontaneous from time to time.  Hubby and I went to Red Hen, one of favorite DC restaurants, for a TGIF celebration. Continue reading “Waiting”

The Elements of Edge

SEE LARK! | The Elements of Edge

Despite the range of styles and variety that I try to incorporate into my wardrobe, I notice that I tend to gravitate to certain pieces over and over again. Lately, this has been my distressed boyfriend jeans and a leather jacket (any color). In doing so, I realized your go-to pieces can say a lot about one’s personal style. Continue reading “The Elements of Edge”

Pink Denim

SEE LARK! | Pink Denim

I used to buy jeans as frequently as I bought shoes. However, that stopped when I realized I only wore a few pairs on repeat. Well, the itch for new denim had sprung again, but this time I am focused on a zipper hemlines and pastel colors. I found this pair of pink denim by Sandro on deep discount and figured, what the hey, let’s give it a try! Continue reading “Pink Denim”

Channeling Farrah

SEE LARK! | Channeling Farrah

I thought it was time to inject some change into my usual wardrobe. Therefore, I am finally giving the jumpsuit a fair handshake and I think I am in love. This version by Splendid is super comfortable and with the right pant length, this style can be flattering on multiple body shapes. Add a structured jacket and pumps and it becomes a nice nod to the 70s without being too literal. Continue reading “Channeling Farrah”

Modified Black Blazer


A blazer is one of those pieces of clothing that never go out of style. Though its original intent was more formal in nature, it’s my go-to clothing staple for work and play. I own plenty of black blazers, but was drawn to this Rag and Bone version (it also doesn’t hurt that I got it on crazy discount). With a fishtail back and leather collar, it’s an update to the traditional cut and a perfect layering piece for Spring’s unpredictable weather. Continue reading “Modified Black Blazer”

Shiny Sparkly


I am sucker for anything shiny and sparkly.  Whenever I shop (which is almost all the time), I always seem to find that $300 pair of sequin shorts or crystal-encrusted cocktail dress.  Sadly, I have to apply my “practical” filter and refrain from buying since most of these items are too fancy for me to wear enough to justify the price tag, even with a Rule of Three. Continue reading “Shiny Sparkly”