My Current Obsessions

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Life has certainly become busier these past few months.  Between work and taking care of baby, it can be a challenge to find time for myself.  Thankfully, I have discovered, and become reliant upon, a few essential products that help me keep it all together…and they are all under $50! Continue reading “My Current Obsessions”


SEE LARK! | Waiting

These days, it seems almost impossible to go out to dinner without making reservations far in advance.  That’s why I appreciate restaurants who leave room for walk-ins so that we can be a little spontaneous from time to time.  Hubby and I went to Red Hen, one of favorite DC restaurants, for a TGIF celebration. Continue reading “Waiting”

Say Yes To Non-Thong Sandals


SEE LARK! | Non-Thong Sandals

[ 1. J. Crew / 2. Target / 3. Sam Edelman / 4. Loeffler Randall / 5. Joie / 6. Forever 21 / 7. Alexander Wang]

Flip flops used to be my sandal of choice for the warmer months. However, since I was wearing said flops when I had my scooter accident last year in Thailand, I have since avoided wearing any type of “thong” sandal. Continue reading “Say Yes To Non-Thong Sandals”

Shiny Sparkly


I am sucker for anything shiny and sparkly.  Whenever I shop (which is almost all the time), I always seem to find that $300 pair of sequin shorts or crystal-encrusted cocktail dress.  Sadly, I have to apply my “practical” filter and refrain from buying since most of these items are too fancy for me to wear enough to justify the price tag, even with a Rule of Three. Continue reading “Shiny Sparkly”

High Low Psychedelic Crop Top


This month’s High Low edition goes outside my normal fashion comfort range.  I have been loving all the bright patterned design’s of LA-based Clover Canyon.  After all this dreaded cold weather, we are all in desperate need of Spring and so these Rorschach-like designs are just what the doctor ordered.  For instance, this Clover Canyon neoprene crop top, at $198, would be a nice addition to your Spring wardrobe that can be paired with a high waist skirt or shorts.  As beautiful as the designs are, it can be a steep price so enter Target’s Xhilaration label that offers a similar crop top (plus sequined cap sleeves) for only $20 (sold out now but this bomber jacket has a similar effect)! Truth be told, the quality is not as good since it’s made from jersey and the design is only on the front half. However, it offers the current trend at a low price allowing you to color outside the lines risk-free.

Denim On Denim


I am finally warming up to the denim on denim trend.  The key to this look is making sure your varying denim pieces have enough contrast.  Here, I try a light denim top with my trusty “everyday” jeans which have a darker wash.  These basics create a canvas for a variety of colors which can be layered on through necklaces and other accessories. Continue reading “Denim On Denim”



My weekend outfit usually consists of a silk shirt and jeans.  It’s a functional combination that doesn’t require much thought and, when the mood strikes you, can be a great foundation for a “fancier” look.  Think satin shoes, structured tote, and a floppy fedora. Continue reading “Ladylike”

Rule of Three: The Camo Pant


Camo is on trend right now, but if you ask me, it never went out of style.  Like its friend the leopard print, camo should be considered a neutral that can be worn with almost anything.  If you are feeling timid about wearing this much pattern, try a low cost version first, like this pair I scored from Target (can you believe it?).  Still not convinced?  Apply the rule of three to see how to get mileage out of those $25 pair of pants! Continue reading “Rule of Three: The Camo Pant”

LOL Catz


Meet DJ Cat.  He loves the smooth sounds of Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz and matches beats like Tiger and Woods.  On his nights off, he hangs out with Hipster Dog.  With all his coolness, would you believe he’s from Target?   Continue reading “LOL Catz”

Phillip Lim for Target: The Aftermath


[Womenswear, navy a predominant color / Image Source]

By the time you read this, the Phillip Lim for Target collection is most likely sold out of the good pieces online and your local Target is probably ransacked. Some may feel that they hit gold, some will mock those who went crazy over this collaboration, and others are asking “Phillip who?” I fall in the first category. When I first heard about this joint line over the summer, I immediately panicked. There was the excitement of a designer such as Philip Lim making an affordable line for the masses, but there was also the sheer fear of fighting the crowds (online or physically) on the day of the launch to snag one of the handbags or that oh-so-beautiful leather jacket.

This is not a post recollecting the purchases made. This is a post about the unexpected social experience that I partook in through early morning hours and the humor (maybe delirium) that kept me going. Continue reading “Phillip Lim for Target: The Aftermath”