Escaping Winter

SEE LARK! | Escaping Winter

This past weekend we had more snow. Add to that some sleet and rain and it would make anyone cry ‘uncle’.  We booked our first family mini-vacation to South Florida and I couldn’t be more excited to get away from the cold.  Granted it won’t be a scorcher, but should be warm enough to get some rays by a pool.  Here’s what I have in mind for me and A.  Any of you also planning a retreat from the cold?   Continue reading “Escaping Winter”

Vieques Part 2

SEE LARK! | Vieques Part 2

Monday’s post talked about the sights and activities in Vieques so Part 2 of the vacation recap focuses on the comfort and style of The W Vieques Retreat. The island is small and a little over 9,000 in population size so you can imagine there aren’t a lot of hotel choices available.  The W has a knack of finding the most remote locations and inserting luxury, so it’s tempting to just stay on property the entire visit (Hello gym, spa, tennis court, lava stone pool and daily smoothies!). Continue reading “Vieques Part 2”

Vieques Part 1

SEE LARK! | Vieques Part 1

Vacation always becomes equal parts relaxation and adventure.  Getting to Vieques, Puerto Rico and to its beautiful beaches is the adventure and then spending time on the beach becomes your relaxing reward. In the first part of my Vieques vacation recap, I’m highlighting some of the destinations and activities that you can find here on the island. Continue reading “Vieques Part 1”

W Retreat Koh Samui

SEE LARK! | W Retreat Koh Samui

Summer is quickly upon us which means getting those summer vacation plans in place. I usually pick my destination on two simple criteria – 1. Is there a beach? and 2. Does it have a Starwood property option? After having traveled frequently for work over the past 10 years and being finicky about bathrooms and bedding, The W Hotel has been my favorite Starwood brand in both comfort and style. Continue reading “W Retreat Koh Samui”

Greece is the Word

The official end of summer happened last week but I don’t consider summer ending until that first chilly night, that happened this week.  While I am sad to say goodbye to our warm weather friend, I am excited about what Fall brings.  As a farewell tribute to Summer, I wanted to share a few pictures of my honeymoon in Greece that we took to kick-off Summer 2012.  It was by far the best summer I have had in a long time! Continue reading “Greece is the Word”