Pretty Things


[Vintage Bag and Set of Deborah Lippmann Nail Polishes]

While giving my bedroom an overhaul in cleaning and organization, I found things that I hadn’t used in awhile and finding them mixing well with newly acquired items. Continue reading “Pretty Things”

Mixology Starter Kit


Mixology, the art of preparing a well-balanced cocktail, has come into fashion of late. Those who are dedicated to the craft may argue that it never went out of style and is only now getting attention with the masses and the hipsters in your local town. Either way, it’s good news for everyone as the essential mixology materials are now more accessible to create your own concotions at home (or, if you are me, have your husband make them for you). Continue reading “Mixology Starter Kit”

Better Together


[New handbag paired with my favorite animal print shoes]

Some items, like a great handbag or decorative object, can be great on its own, but when paired with a complementary piece, it can be fabulous.  I found this to be true when I discovered some of my favorite things strewn about the house and sitting next to some of my other favorite things (naturally).  Continue reading “Better Together”

Vignette: Wooden Boxes

What could feel more vintage than a collection of worn and weathered boxes? Each one in this vignette was a gift or souvenir from a memorable trip. Continue reading “Vignette: Wooden Boxes”

Acapulco Rooftop

I often find respite from the busy week on my rooftop deck. DC is all about rooftops, in fact I even had my wedding on the rooftop of a building. Needless to say when I was in search of purchasing my first home, this deck was a huge selling feature. Continue reading “Acapulco Rooftop”

Be Specific

Think big picture.  This is my personal motto, especially when at work.  I’d like to put that mantra aside and instead look at the details.  Let’s stay there for a moment and appreciate what details do to contribute to the overall story.   Continue reading “Be Specific”

Vignette: Bar Cart

Ever since my first vignette post, I realized that there are lots of other little “stories” around my home that I really cherish and want to share on a semi-regular basis. When we moved into our home two years ago, there was a small and narrow nook in our kitchen next to the pantry. We weren’t sure what to do with the space. Finally we decided on a small bar area for entertaining friends. Continue reading “Vignette: Bar Cart”


I love a good story and this vignette in my bedroom tells a story of love, fun, and simplicity.  This one picture I took with my sister back when we were teenagers is still a fond summer vacation memory for me.  Continue reading “Vignette”