Eye On Etsy


[1. Giclee Art Print / 2. Delicate Hand Chain / 3. Starburst Wall Decor / 4. Vintage Decanter and Glasses / 5. Women’s Heisenberg T-Shirt / 6. Jeweled Cuff / 7. Inspiration Art Print / 8. Wingback Chair / 9. Vintage Three-Piece Outfit]

This month’s Etsy picks is all about femininity and vintage pieces.   Continue reading “Eye On Etsy”

Pretty Things


[Vintage Bag and Set of Deborah Lippmann Nail Polishes]

While giving my bedroom an overhaul in cleaning and organization, I found things that I hadn’t used in awhile and finding them mixing well with newly acquired items. Continue reading “Pretty Things”

My Mother’s Coat

I have this picture of my mother from 1976 where she is wearing a coat that I recently re-discovered and claimed for my own wardrobe.  The coat is special not only because it was my mother’s but because my late aunt (my father’s sister) made it for her. Continue reading “My Mother’s Coat”

Vignette: Wooden Boxes

What could feel more vintage than a collection of worn and weathered boxes? Each one in this vignette was a gift or souvenir from a memorable trip. Continue reading “Vignette: Wooden Boxes”