Add Down Jackets


Every year, I find dressing myself in winter to be a challenge.  I find the goals of keeping warm and looking professional impossible to achieve at the same time.  While on my revived kick to find a stylish puffer coat, I stumbled upon an Italian brand called AddContinue reading “Add Down Jackets”



With record-breaking low temperatures across the US, I learned the term ‘polar vortex’ and the true meaning of BURRRR!  In weather like this, I have no choice but to bring out the big guns.  With navy being a major color theme this year, a navy blue puffer coat (last seen here) seemed appropriate.   Continue reading “Bundled”

Statement Coat

statement-coat-2, club monaco, patterned coat, statement

I confess, Winter isn’t my favorite season but if you have to live through it, you may was well do it with a bold statement.  Each year the first cold front motivates me to find outwear and accessories to weather the weather.  Enter stage right this coat from Club Monaco.   Continue reading “Statement Coat”

Lace and Leather


Zara has a lot of great new pieces for the season and when I saw this top with a shoulder lace detail, I swooned. You see, there was a Club Monaco lace top (not this one, but close!) that slipped through my fingers a year ago

Continue reading “Lace and Leather”